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[mawr-is, mor-, maw-rees; for 3 also French maw-rees] /ˈmɔr ɪs, ˈmɒr-, mɔˈris; for 3 also French mɔˈris/

German Moritz. 1521–53, German general: elector of Saxony 1547–53.
of Nassau, 1567–1625, Dutch statesman.
a male given name.
1521–53, duke of Saxony (1541–53) and elector of Saxony (1547–53). He was instrumental in gaining recognition of Protestantism in Germany
known as Maurice of Nassau. 1567–1625, prince of Orange and count of Nassau; the son of William the Silent, after whose death he led the United Provinces of the Netherlands in their struggle for independence from Spain (achieved by 1609)
Frederick Denison. 1805–72, English Anglican theologian and pioneer of Christian socialism

masc. proper name, from French Maurice, from Late Latin Mauritius, from Latin Maurus “inhabitant of Mauretania, Moor” (see Moor).


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