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Mavis gallant

[gal-uh nt] /ˈgæl ənt/

Mavis, 1922–2014, Canadian short-story writer.
adjective (ˈɡælənt)
brave and high-spirited; courageous and honourable; dashing: a gallant warrior
(ɡəˈlænt; ˈɡælənt). (of a man) attentive to women; chivalrous
imposing; dignified; stately: a gallant ship
(archaic) showy in dress
noun (archaic) (ˈɡælənt; ɡəˈlænt)
a woman’s lover or suitor
a dashing or fashionable young man, esp one who pursues women
a brave, high-spirited, or adventurous man
verb (rare) (ɡəˈlænt; ˈɡælənt)
when intr, usually foll by with. to court or flirt (with)
(transitive) to attend or escort (a woman)

mid-15c., “showy, finely dressed; gay, merry,” from Old French galant “courteous,” earlier “amusing, entertaining; lively, bold” (14c.), present participle of galer “rejoice, make merry,” generally held to be from Latinized verb form of Frankish *wala- “good, well,” from Proto-Germanic *wal- (cf. Old High German wallon “to wander, go on a pilgrimage”), from PIE *wel- “to wish, will” (see will (v.)), “but the transition of sense offers difficulties that are not fully cleared up” [OED]. Sense of “politely attentive to women” was adopted 17c. from French.

“man of fashion and pleasure,” mid-15c., earlier “dissolute man, rake” (early 15c.); from gallant (adj.).


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