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Maxillary dentition

maxillary dentition n.
See dental arch.


Read Also:

  • Maxillary gland

    maxillary gland n. See submandibular gland.

  • Maxillary nerve

    maxillary nerve n. The second division of the trigeminal nerve, passing from the trigeminal ganglion into the pterygopalatine fossa, where it continues forward to give off the zygomatic nerve and enter the eye socket.

  • Maxillary process

    maxillary process n. A thin plate projecting from the upper border of the lower nasal concha, articulating with the maxilla and partly closing the orifice of the maxillary sinus.

  • Maxillary sinus

    maxillary sinus n. An air cavity in the body of the maxilla, communicating with the middle meatus of the nose. Also called antrum of Highmore, maxillary antrum.

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