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[maz-uh-rin, maz-uh-reen; French ma-za-ran] /ˈmæz ə rɪn, ˌmæz əˈrin; French ma zaˈrɛ̃/

[joolz;; French zhyl] /dʒulz;; French ʒül/ (Show IPA), (Giulio Mazarini) 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy: chief minister of Louis XIV 1642–61.
/ˈmæzərɪn; French mazarɛ̃/
Jules (ʒyl), original name Giulio Mazarini. 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy. He succeeded Richelieu (1642) as chief minister to Louis XIII and under the regency of Anne of Austria (1643–61). Despite the disturbances of the Fronde (1648–53), he strengthened the power of France in Europe


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