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[meyz] /meɪz/

a confusing network of intercommunicating paths or passages; labyrinth.
any complex system or arrangement that causes bewilderment, confusion, or perplexity:
Her petition was lost in a maze of bureaucratic red tape.
a state of bewilderment or confusion.
a winding movement, as in dancing.
verb (used with object), mazed, mazing.
Chiefly Dialect. to daze, perplex, or stupefy.
a complex network of paths or passages, esp one with high hedges in a garden, designed to puzzle those walking through it Compare labyrinth (sense 1)
a similar system represented diagrammatically as a pattern of lines
any confusing network of streets, pathways, etc: a maze of paths
a state of confusion
an archaic or dialect word for amaze

c.1300, “delusion, bewilderment” (also as a verb, “stupefy, daze”), possibly from Old English *mæs, which is suggested by the compound amasod “amazed” and verb amasian “to confound, confuse” (see amaze). Perhaps related to Norwegian dialectal mas “exhausting labor,” Swedish masa “to be slow or sluggish.” Meaning “labyrinth” first recorded late 14c.


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