[muh-zoo-muh] /məˈzu mə/

noun, Slang.
(slang, mainly US) money

slang for “money,” 1894, from Yiddish, from Mishnaic Hebrew mezumman “designated, fixed, appointed,” used in Medieval Hebrew in sense of “cash” (cf. slang the needful “money”), from Akkad. simanu “appointed time.” It figured in “People v. Stokes,” case argued before Supreme Court of California (1894), which cites newspaper coverage of an earlier trial mentioning “Colonel Mazuma”:

It appears that the term “Colonel Mazuma” not only does not indicate some gentleman with a military title, but it does not even refer to a person at all. We fail to find the term mentioned by our lexicographers, but understand it to be a modern provincialism, probably emanating from the daily press, and used when referring to the corrupt application of money in the accomplishment of certain ends. If these jurors understood this term with the signification thus attached to it, it of itself furnished ample material to demand a retrial of the case. [“Pacific Reporter,” vol. 37]


Mayonnaise (1930+)

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