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[bah-bahn, -bah-nee, uh m-bah-] /bɑˈbɑn, -ˈbɑ ni, əm bɑ-/

a city in and the capital of Swaziland, in the NW part.
[swah-zee-land] /ˈswɑ ziˌlænd/
a kingdom in SE Africa between S Mozambique and the E Republic of South Africa: formerly a British protectorate. 6704 sq. mi. (17,363 sq. km).
Capital: Mbabane.
the capital of Swaziland, in the northwest: administrative and financial centre, with a large iron mine nearby. Pop: 71 000 (2005 est)
a kingdom in southern Africa: made a protectorate of the Transvaal by Britain in 1894; gained independence in 1968; a member of the Commonwealth. Official languages: Swazi and English. Religion: Christian majority, traditional beliefs. Currency: lilangeni (plural emalangeni) and South African rand. Capital: Mbabane (administrative), Lobamba (legislative). Pop: 1 403 362 (2013 est). Area: 17 363 sq km (6704 sq miles)
Swaziland [(swah-zee-land)]

Kingdom in southeastern Africa, bordered by South Africa to the south, west, and north, and Mozambique to the east.

Note: In 1903, Swaziland became a British territory. It became fully independent in 1968.

Note: The Swazi people resisted Afrikaner demands for incorporation into South Africa. After the collapse of apartheid, Swaziland established diplomatic relations with South Africa.


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