Anthony Clement, 1898–1975, U.S. Army general.
Contemporary Examples

McAuliffe is embroiled in allegations over a possible visa-for-sale scheme, involving Chinese financing for Green Tech.
Why Ken Cuccinelli Is the Anti-Chris Christie Lloyd Green August 25, 2013

From the beginning, McAuliffe has used the Hillary 2016 connection to help entice big donors.
The Virginia Gubernatorial Race Proves the GOP Is Suicidal Myra Adams November 4, 2013

Josh Rogin on the Clinton and McAuliffe ties to the investigation into the nominee.
Alejandro Mayorkas’s DHS Nomination Held Up Over IG Investigation Josh Rogin July 30, 2013

Yet, for all of his weaknesses, Cuccinelli ran ahead of McAuliffe among independents and outperformed Mitt Romney.
Election Night 2013: The Center Speaks Lloyd Green November 5, 2013

Mullins also noted contemptously that the zip code from which McAuliffe had raised the most money was 90210.
RPV Chair Says McAuliffe Campaign Practice Run For Hillary ’16 Ben Jacobs November 5, 2013

Historical Examples

McAuliffe was still squatting on his haunches near the burnt matting. ‘
Menotah Ernest G. Henham

McAuliffe stood in a deep shadow, leaning forward on his axe.
Menotah Ernest G. Henham

McAuliffe’s final opinion was that Sinclair had actually appeared in the flesh, but that Dave was ‘terrible crazy, anyhow.’
Menotah Ernest G. Henham

McAuliffe rubbed his hands briskly, and peered through the shadowy gloom.
Menotah Ernest G. Henham

Probably this man had some personal grudge against McAuliffe, and meant now to settle it.
Menotah Ernest G. Henham

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