[muh-kloo r] /məˈklʊər/

Samuel Sidney, 1857–1949, U.S. editor and publisher, born in Ireland.

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  • Mcclure-strait

    noun 1. an arm of the Beaufort Sea between Banks Island in the south and Melville Island and Eglinton Island to the north, in the Northwest Territories, Canada. About 170 miles (270 km) long and 60 miles (90 km) wide.

  • Mccollum

    McCollum Mc·Col·lum (mə-kŏl’əm), Elmer. 1879-1967. American biochemist and nutritionist who first classified vitamins, distinguishing between fat-soluble (A) vitamins and water-soluble (B) vitamins.

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    /məˈkɑnəl/ noun 1. Jack (Wilson), Baron. born 1960, Scottish Labour politician; first minister of the Scottish Parliament (2001–07) Irish surname, from Irish mac “son of” + Conall, from Celt. kunovalos “high-powerful.”

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    [muh-kawr-mik] /məˈkɔr mɪk/ noun 1. John, 1884–1945, U.S. tenor, born in Ireland. 2. John William, 1891–1980, U.S. politician: Speaker of the House 1962–70. /məˈkɔːmæk/ noun 1. John. 1884–1945, Irish tenor: became US citizen 1919

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