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Millon clinical multiaxial inventory


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    [muh k-mil-uh n] /məkˈmɪl ən/ noun 1. Edwin Mattison [mat-uh-suh n] /ˈmæt ə sən/ (Show IPA), 1907–91, U.S. educator and physicist: Nobel Prize in chemistry 1951. /məkˈmɪlən/ noun 1. Edwin M(attison). 1907–91, US physicist; Nobel prize for chemistry 1951 (with Glenn Seaborg) for the discovery of transuranic elements Irish surname, from Gaelic Mac Mhaolain “son […]

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    McMurray test Mc·Mur·ray test (mək-mûr’ē, -mŭr’ē) n. A test for injury to meniscal structures of the knee in which the lower leg is rotated while the leg is extended; pain and a cracking in the knee indicates meniscal injury.

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