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Aimee Semple
[sem-puh l] /ˈsɛm pəl/ (Show IPA), 1890–1944, U.S. evangelist, born in Canada.
a town in central Kansas.
Contemporary Examples

This time, McPherson achieves his haunting effects in different ways.
The Haunted Stage: Conor McPherson on His Plays Ronald K. Fried January 19, 2014

And that means that the pressure is on McPherson, known for expletive-laced outbursts and an inability to take criticism.
Showdown at ABC Peter Lauria April 11, 2010

McPherson is a skillful writer and a discriminating historian.
The Best Civil War Books Malcolm Jones April 14, 2011

Johnson is the only model,” McPherson said, “but they are very different cats.
Can LBJ Help Obama Pass Health Care? Samuel P. Jacobs July 19, 2009

I began my conversation with McPherson by asking what inspired The Night Alive.
The Haunted Stage: Conor McPherson on His Plays Ronald K. Fried January 19, 2014

Historical Examples

“You seem worried, Mr. McPherson,” she said tenderly, as she put down the papers she had brought in for his signature.
A Bid for Fortune Guy Boothby

“The nature of the whole affair is this,” returned McPherson.
The Return of Peter Grimm David Belasco

McPherson tried to speak, then turned and made blindly for the door.
The Return of Peter Grimm David Belasco

“We are going to find out,” said McPherson with sudden determination.
The Return of Peter Grimm David Belasco

McPherson was to remain at the “office” and telephone them the results of the races in advance.
True Stories of Crime From the District Attorney’s Office Arthur Train

Conor. born 1971, Irish playwright and theatre director; his plays include The Weir (1997) and Port Authority (2001)


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