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Chicago Midway Airport


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    [mee] /mi/ pronoun 1. the objective case of , used as a direct or indirect object: They asked me to the party. Give me your hand. 2. Informal. (used instead of the pronoun I in the predicate after the verb to be): It’s me. 3. Informal. (used instead of the pronoun my before a gerund): […]

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    1. Master of Engineering Administration. [me-ah koo l-pah; English mey-uh kuhl-puh, mee-uh] /ˈmɛ ɑ ˈkʊl pɑ; English ˈmeɪ ə ˈkʌl pə, ˈmi ə/ Latin. 1. through my fault; my fault (used as an acknowledgment of one’s responsibility). /ˈmeɪɑː ˈkʊlpɑː/ uknown 1. an acknowledgment of guilt Latin, literally “I am to blame,” a phrase from the […]

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