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any of several North American plants of the genus Rhexia, especially R. mariana or R. virginica, having showy rose-pink flowers with eight prominent bright yellow stamens.


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  • Meadow-bird

    noun 1. the bobolink.

  • Meadow dermatitis

    meadow dermatitis mead·ow dermatitis (měd’ō) n. A phototoxic dermatitis in which a streaky eruption develops where the skin comes in contact with a plant and then is exposed to sunlight. Also called phytophlyctodermatitis, phytophotodermatitis.

  • Meadow-fescue

    noun 1. a European fescue, Festuca pratensis, of the grass family, grown for pasture in North America. noun 1. an erect Eurasian perennial grass, Festuca pratensis, with lustrous leaves and stem bases surrounded by dark brown sheaths

  • Meadow-grass

    noun 1. any grass of the genus Poa, especially P. pratensis, the Kentucky bluegrass. noun 1. a perennial grass, Poa pratensis, that has erect hairless leaves and grows in meadows and similar places in N temperate regions

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