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Mean lethal dose

another term for median lethal dose


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  • Mean-life

    noun, Physics. 1. the average time that an unstable particle or nucleus survives before it decays. 2. . noun 1. (physics) the average time of existence of an unstable or reactive entity, such as a nucleus, elementary particle, charge carrier, etc; lifetime. It is equal to the half-life divided by 0.693 15 τ

  • Mean-line

    noun, Printing. 1. an imaginary x-high line.

  • Meanly

    [meen-lee] /ˈmin li/ adverb 1. in a poor, lowly, or humble manner. 2. in a base, contemptible, selfish, or shabby manner. 3. in a stingy or miserly manner. [meen-lee] /ˈmin li/ adverb, Obsolete. 1. . adv. 1580s, “indifferently;” 1590s, “basely;” c.1600, “illiberally;” from mean (adj.1) + -ly (2).

  • Mean machine

    noun a team or other group thought to be unbeatable or extremely powerful

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