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noun, Astronomy.
the moment when the mean sun’s center crosses the meridian.


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  • Mean-planet

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a hypothetical planet that coincides with a real planet when the real planet is at perihelion and that moves in an orbit at a constant velocity equal to the mean velocity of the real planet.

  • Means

    [meen] /min/ verb (used with object), meant, meaning. 1. to have in mind as one’s purpose or intention; intend: I meant to compliment you on your work. Synonyms: contemplate. 2. to intend for a particular purpose, destination, etc.: They were meant for each other. Synonyms: destine, foreordain. 3. to intend to express or indicate: What […]

  • Mean-proportional

    noun, Mathematics. 1. (between two numbers a and b) a number x for which a/x = x/b : The number 3 is a mean proportional between 1 and 9.

  • Mean sea level

    noun 1. (in the UK) the sea level used by the Ordnance Survey as a datum level, determined at Newlyn in Cornwall See sea level mean sea level See under sea level.

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