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[meet-n-puh-tey-tohz, -tuh z] /ˈmit n pəˈteɪ toʊz, -təz/

adjective, Informal.
fundamental; down-to-earth; basic:
What are the meat-and-potatoes issues of the election?
noun, (used with a singular or plural verb) Informal.
the essential or basic part:
Community service is the meat and potatoes of this program.


: It’s the meat-andpotatoes appeal, the old pull at the heart-strings

noun phrase

The simple fundamentals; the NITTY-GRITTY (1940s+)
The fundamental part or parts of something, as in This paragraph is the meat and potatoes of the contract. This metaphoric term transfers what some regard as basic fare to the basics of an issue. [ Mid-1900s ]


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