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Meat market

noun phrase


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  • Meat meal

    noun a meal with the main course being meat Usage Note cooking

  • Meato-

    meato- pref. Meatus: meatoscopy.

  • Meat-offering

    (Heb. minhah), originally a gift of any kind. This Hebrew word came latterly to denote an “unbloody” sacrifice, as opposed to a “bloody” sacrifice. A “drink-offering” generally accompanied it. The law regarding it is given in Lev. 2, and 6:14-23. It was a recognition of the sovereignty of God and of his bounty in giving […]

  • Meatoplasty

    meatoplasty me·at·o·plas·ty (mē-āt’ə-plās’tē) n. Reparative or reconstructive surgery of a meatus or canal.

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