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noun, Mechanics.
the ratio of output force to the input force applied to a mechanism.
the ratio of the working force exerted by a mechanism to the applied effort
mechanical advantage
The ratio of the output force (acting on a load) produced by a machine to the applied effort (the input force). See also efficiency.


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  • Mechanical alternation

    mechanical alternation n. A disorder in which contractions of the heart are regular in time but are alternately stronger and weaker. Also called alternation of heart.

  • Mechanical antidote

    mechanical antidote n. A substance that prevents the absorption of a poison.

  • Mechanical-drawing

    noun 1. drawing, as of machinery, done with the aid of rulers, scales, compasses, etc. noun 1. a drawing to scale of a machine, machine component, architectural plan, etc, from which dimensions can be taken for manufacture

  • Mechanical-bank

    noun 1. a toy bank in which a coin is deposited by a mechanical process that is usually activated by pushing a lever.

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