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[myech-nyi-kuh f] /ˈmyɛtʃ nyɪ kəf/

Ilya Ilyich
[ee-lyah ee-lyeech] /iˈlyɑ iˈlyitʃ/ (Show IPA), .


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  • Meck

    /mɛk/ noun 1. (Northeast Scot, dialect) a variant of maik

  • Meckel

    Meckel Meck·el (měk’əl), Johann Friedrich. 1781-1833. German anatomist and embryologist known for his comprehensive descriptions of congenital defects.

  • Meckel scan

    Meckel scan n. A radiological scan of the gastric mucosa that is used to detect ectopic gastric mucosa in Meckel’s diverticulum.

  • Meckel syndrome

    Meckel syndrome n. A hereditary malformation syndrome characterized by sloping forehead, cleft palate, ocular anomalies, and polydactyly, resulting in death during the perinatal period. Also called dysencephalia splanchnocystica.

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