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[mi-kom-i-ter] /mɪˈkɒm ɪ tər/

noun, Medicine/Medical.
a caliperlike instrument for measuring the length of newborn infants.


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    abbreviation 1. Master of Economics

  • Meconism

    meconism me·co·nism (mē’kə-nĭz’əm) n. Opium addiction or poisoning.

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    [mi-koh-nee-uh m] /mɪˈkoʊ ni əm/ noun 1. the first fecal excretion of a newborn child, composed chiefly of bile, mucus, and epithelial cells. 2. fecal mass released at pupation by the larvae of some insects. 3. the milky sap of the unripe seed pods of the opium poppy; crude opium. /mɪˈkəʊnɪəm/ noun 1. the dark […]

  • Meconium aspiration

    meconium aspiration n. Aspiration of amniotic fluid contaminated with meconium by a fetus in hypoxic distress.

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