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a former name of the .


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  • Medal-of-honor

    noun 1. the highest U.S. military decoration, awarded by Congress to a member of the armed forces for gallantry and bravery in combat, at the risk of life and above and beyond the call of duty. noun 1. the highest US military decoration, awarded by Congress for conspicuous bravery in action: instituted in 1861 (Navy), […]

  • Medal-play

    noun, Golf. 1. play in which the score is reckoned by counting the strokes taken to complete the round. noun 1. (golf) another name for stroke play

  • Medan

    [me-dahn] /mɛˈdɑn/ noun 1. a city in NE Sumatra, in W Indonesia. /ˈmɛdɑːn/ noun 1. a city in Indonesia, in NE Sumatra: seat of the University of North Sumatra (1952) and the Indonesian Islam University (1952). Pop: 1 904 273 (2000) contention, the third son of Abraham by Keturah (Gen. 25:2).

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    [med-uh-wer] /ˈmɛd ə wər/ noun 1. Peter Brian, 1915–87, English zoologist and anatomist, born in Brazil: Nobel Prize in medicine 1960. /ˈmɛdəwə/ noun 1. Sir Peter Brian. 1915–87, English zoologist, who shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1960) with Sir Macfarlane Burnet for work on immunology Medawar Med·a·war (měd’ə-wər), Peter Brian. 1915-1987. Brazilian-born […]

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