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[mi-dee-uh] /mɪˈdi ə/

Classical Mythology. a sorceress, daughter of Aeëtes and wife of Jason, whom she assisted in obtaining the Golden Fleece: when Jason deserted her, she killed their children.
(italics) a tragedy (431 b.c.) by Euripides.
(Greek myth) a princess of Colchis, who assisted Jason in obtaining the Golden Fleece from her father

famous sorceress, daughter of the king of Colchis, from Latin Medea, from Greek Medeia, literally “cunning,” related to medos “counsel, plan, device, cunning,” medein “to protect, rule over,” from PIE root *med- “to measure, limit, consider” (see meditation).
Medea [(mi-dee-uh)]

In classical mythology, a sorceress who fell in love with Jason and helped him obtain the Golden Fleece. When Jason abandoned her to marry another woman, she took revenge by brutally murdering his young bride as well as the children she had borne him.
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