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Medial geniculate body

medial geniculate body n.
The medial group of a pair of prominent cell groups in the posteroinferior aspects of the thalamus, serving as the last of a series of processing stations along the auditory conduction pathway to the cerebral cortex.


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  • Medial great muscle

    medial great muscle n. See medial vastus muscle.

  • Medial ligament

    medial ligament n.

  • Medial longitudinal fasciculus

    medial longitudinal fasciculus n. A longitudinal bundle of fibers extending from the upper border of the mesencephalon into the cervical segments of the spinal cord, composed largely of fibers from the vestibular nuclei ascending to the motor neurons innervating the external eye muscles, and descending to spinal cord segments innervating the musculature of the neck.

  • Medial longitudinal stria

    medial longitudinal stria n. A thin longitudinal band of nerve fibers accompanied by gray matter running along the surface of the corpus callosum on either side of the median line.

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