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noun, Anatomy.
a vertical plane that divides an organism into symmetrical halves.

median plane n.
A vertical plane along the midline of the body dividing the body into right and left halves. Also called midsagittal plane.


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  • Median rhinoscopy

    median rhinoscopy n. Examination of the roof of the nasal cavity and openings of the posterior ethmoidal cells and sphenoidal sinus using a long-bladed nasal speculum or a nasopharyngoscope.

  • Median sacral vein

    median sacral vein n. An unpaired vein that accompanies the middle sacral artery and empties into the left common iliac vein.

  • Median rhomboid glossitis

    median rhomboid glossitis n. A congenital disorder of the tongue characterized by a rhomboid or ovoid, sometimes elevated red area in the dorsal midline, just anterior to the vallate papillae, that lacks lingual papillae.

  • Median-strip

    noun 1. a paved, planted, or landscaped strip in the center of a highway that separates lanes of traffic going in opposite directions. noun 1. the US term for central reserve

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