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[med-i-keyd] /ˈmɛd ɪˌkeɪd/

noun, (sometimes lowercase)
a U.S. government program, financed by federal, state, and local funds, of hospitalization and insurance for persons of all ages within certain income limits.
(US) a health assistance programme financed by federal, state, and local taxes to help pay hospital and medical costs for persons of low income

1966, U.S. medical assistance program set up by Title XIX of the Social Security Act of 1965. See medical + aid (n.).

Medicaid Med·i·caid or med·i·caid (měd’ĭ-kād’)
A program in the United States, jointly funded by the states and the federal government, that reimburses hospitals and physicians for providing care to qualifying people who cannot finance their own medical expenses.

A state and federally funded program that reimburses healthcare providers for care given to qualifying people who cannot pay for their medical expenses.
medical aid insurance


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