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a wrapped package of items used by some North American Indians for religious or ceremonial purposes.


Read Also:

  • Medicine-dance

    noun 1. a ritual dance performed by some North American Indians to invoke supernatural assistance as for driving out disease.

  • Medicine-hat

    noun 1. a city in SE Alberta, in SW Canada.

  • Medicine-lodge

    noun 1. a structure used for various ceremonials of North American Indians. 2. (initial capital letters) the most important religious society among the central Algonquian tribes of North America. noun 1. a wooden structure used for magical and religious ceremonies among certain North American Indian peoples

  • Medicine-man

    noun 1. (among North American Indians and some other aboriginal peoples) a person believed to possess magical or supernatural powers; shaman. 2. a seller of patent medicine, especially before 1900, presenting a medicine show to attract customers. noun 1. (among certain peoples, esp North American Indians) a person believed to have supernatural powers of healing; […]

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