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[mee-dee-uh-mis-tik] /ˌmi di əˈmɪs tɪk/

pertaining to a spiritualistic .
of or relating to a spiritual medium


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  • Medium-frequency

    noun, Radio. 1. any frequency between 300 and 3000 kilohertz. Abbreviation: MF. noun 1. a radio-frequency band or radio frequency lying between 3000 and 300 kilohertz MF

  • Medium-octavo

    noun 1. a size of book, about 6 × 9½ inches (15 × 24 cm), untrimmed. Abbreviation: medium 8vo.

  • Medium-of-exchange

    noun 1. anything generally accepted as representing a standard of value and exchangeable for goods or services. noun 1. anything acceptable as a measure of value and a standard of exchange for goods and services in a particular country, region, etc

  • Medium-quarto

    noun, Chiefly British. 1. a size of book, about 9½ × 12 inches (24 × 30 cm), untrimmed. Abbreviation: medium 4to.

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