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[muh-duhl-uh] /məˈdʌl ə/

noun, plural medullas, medullae
[muh-duhl-ee] /məˈdʌl i/ (Show IPA)

Botany. the pith of plants.
noun (pl) -las, -lae (-liː)

(botany) another name for pith (sense 4)

hindmost segment of the brain, 1650s, from Latin medulla, literally “marrow,” also “pith of plants,” of unknown origin, perhaps related to or influenced by medius “middle” (but cf. also Old Irish smiur, Welsh mer “marrow”). The word was used in the Latin senses in Middle English. Related: Medular; medullary.

medulla me·dul·la (mĭ-dŭl’ə)
n. pl. me·dul·las or me·dul·lae (-dŭl’ē)
The inner core of certain organs or body structures, such as the marrow of bone. Also called medullary substance.
me·dul’lar or med’ul·lar’y (měd’l-ěr’ē, mə-dŭl’ə-rē) adj.
(mĭ-dŭl’ə, mĭ-d’lə)
Plural medullas or medullae (mĭ-dŭl’ē)


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  • Medulla of adrenal gland

    medulla of adrenal gland n. Any of the anastomosing cords of cells located in the core of the adrenal gland that display a chromaffin reaction because of the presence of epinephrine and norepinephrine in their granules.

  • Medulla of hair shaft

    medulla of hair shaft n. The central axis of some hairs surrounded by the cortex.

  • Medulla of kidney

    medulla of kidney n. The inner darker portion of the parenchyma of the kidneys that consists of the renal pyramids.

  • Medulla of lymph node

    medulla of lymph node n. The central portion of a lymph node consisting of cordlike masses of lymphocytes separated by lymph sinuses.

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