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a house or building for religious worship.
a house of worship for Quakers.
the place in which certain religious groups, esp Quakers, hold their meetings for worship
(NZ) Also called wharepuni. a large Māori tribal hall

also meetinghouse, 1630s, from meeting (n.) + house (n.).


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  • Meeting of the minds

    Agreement, concord, as in The teachers and the headmaster had a meeting of the minds regarding smoking in school. This expression uses meet in the sense of “arrive at mutual agreement,” as clergyman Edward B. Pusey did in a letter of 1851: “Devout minds, of every school … meet at least in this.”

  • Meeting-post

    noun 1. a timber with a chamfer at the outer edge of a lock gate that fits against the meeting post of another lock gate.

  • Meeting-rail

    noun 1. (in a double-hung window) the rail of each sash that meets a rail of the other when the window is closed.

  • Meetly

    [meet-lee] /ˈmit li/ adverb 1. suitably; fittingly; properly; in a seemly manner.

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