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[meg-uh-luh-blast] /ˈmɛg ə ləˌblæst/

noun, Pathology.
an abnormally large, immature, and dysfunctional red blood cell found in the blood of persons with pernicious anemia or certain other disorders.
an abnormally large red blood cell precursor, present in certain types of anaemia

megaloblast meg·a·lo·blast (měg’ə-lō-blāst’)
An abnormally large nucleated red blood cell found especially in pernicious anemia or in certain vitamin deficiencies.
meg’a·lo·blas’tic adj.


Read Also:

  • Megaloblastic anaemia

    noun 1. any anaemia, esp pernicious anaemia, characterized by the presence of megaloblasts in the blood or bone marrow

  • Megaloblastic anemia

    megaloblastic anemia n. Anemia in which there is a predominant number of megaloblasts and relatively few normoblasts among the hyperplastic erythroid cells in the bone marrow.

  • Megalocardia

    [meg-uh-loh-kahr-dee-uh] /ˌmɛg ə loʊˈkɑr di ə/ noun, Pathology. 1. hypertrophy of the heart. /ˌmɛɡələʊˈkɑːdɪə/ noun 1. (pathol) abnormal increase in the size of the heart Also called cardiomegaly 1893, from megalo- + cardia “heart” (see cardiac). megalocardia meg·a·lo·car·di·a (měg’ə-lō-kär’dē-ə) n. See cardiomegaly.

  • Megalocephalic

    [meg-uh-loh-suh-fal-ik] /ˌmɛg ə loʊ səˈfæl ɪk/ adjective 1. Cephalometry, Craniometry. . 2. Pathology. afflicted with leontiasis.

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