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This is totally tedious

[1980s+ Teenagers; fr mine eyes glaze over, garbage in garbage out]


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  • Megohm

    [meg-ohm] /ˈmɛgˌoʊm/ noun, Electricity. 1. a unit of resistance, equal to one million ohms. Symbol: MΩ; Abbreviation: meg. /ˈmɛɡˌəʊm/ noun 1. one million ohms MΩ

  • Megohmmeter

    [meg-ohm-mee-ter] /ˈmɛg oʊmˌmi tər/ noun, Electricity. 1. an instrument for measuring large resistances, especially the resistance of insulation.

  • Megophthalmus

    megophthalmus meg·oph·thal·mus (měg’ŏf-thāl’məs) n. See megalophthalmus.

  • Megrim

    [mee-grim] /ˈmi grɪm/ noun 1. megrims, low spirits; the blues. 2. a whim or caprice. 3. . /ˈmiːɡrɪm/ noun (archaic) 1. (often pl) a caprice 2. a migraine /ˈmiːɡrɪm/ noun 1. a flatfish, Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis, of the turbot family, having a yellowish translucent body up to 50 cm (20 in.) in length, found in European […]

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