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variant of before a vowel:


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  • Melancholia

    [mel-uh n-koh-lee-uh, -kohl-yuh] /ˌmɛl ənˈkoʊ li ə, -ˈkoʊl yə/ noun 1. a mental condition characterized by great depression of spirits and gloomy forebodings. 2. Psychiatry. . /ˌmɛlənˈkəʊlɪə/ noun 1. a former name for depression n. 1690s, from Modern Latin melancholia (see melancholy). melancholia mel·an·cho·li·a (měl’ən-kō’lē-ə) n. A mental disorder characterized by depression, apathy, and withdrawal. […]

  • Melancholia attonita

    melancholia attonita melancholia at·ton·i·ta (ə-tŏn’ĭ-tə) n. The catatonic state in schizophrenia that is characterized by immobility and muscular rigidity. Also called melancholia stuporosa.

  • Melancholiac

    [mel-uh n-koh-lee-ak] /ˌmɛl ənˈkoʊ liˌæk/ adjective 1. affected with . noun 2. a person who is affected with . n. 1863, from melancholy. Earlier in same sense was melancholian (mid-14c.).

  • Melancholically

    [mel-uh n-kol-ik] /ˌmɛl ənˈkɒl ɪk/ adjective 1. disposed to or affected with melancholy; gloomy. 2. of, relating to, or affected with . /ˌmɛlənˈkɒlɪk/ adjective 1. relating to or suffering from melancholy or melancholia noun 2. a person who suffers from melancholia adj. late 14c., from melancholy + -ic, or else from Late Latin melancholicus, from […]

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