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melaniferous mel·a·nif·er·ous (měl’ə-nĭf’ər-əs)
Containing melanin or other black pigment.


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  • Melanin

    [mel-uh-nin] /ˈmɛl ə nɪn/ noun 1. any of a class of insoluble pigments, found in all forms of animal life, that account for the dark color of skin, hair, fur, scales, feathers, etc. /ˈmɛlənɪn/ noun 1. any of a group of black or dark brown pigments present in the hair, skin, and eyes of man […]

  • Melanion

    [muh-ley-nee-uh n] /məˈleɪ ni ən/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. a youth of Arcadia, usually identified with Hippomenes as the successful suitor of Atalanta.

  • Melanippus

    [mel-uh-nip-uh s] /ˌmɛl əˈnɪp əs/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. a Theban who killed Tydeus in the battle of the Seven against Thebes and who was, in turn, slain by Amphiaraus.

  • Melanism

    [mel-uh-niz-uh m] /ˈmɛl əˌnɪz əm/ noun 1. Ethnology. the condition in human beings of having a high amount of melanin granules in the skin, hair, and eyes. 2. Zoology. the condition in which an unusually high concentration of melanin occurs in the skin, plumage, or pelage of an animal. /ˈmɛləˌnɪzəm/ noun 1. the condition in […]

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