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[mel-tij] /ˈmɛl tɪdʒ/

the amount or the result of .
the process or result of melting or the amount melted: rapid meltage of ice


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  • Melted out

    adjective phrase Penniless, esp from gambling; broke, tapped out (1950s+ Gambling)

  • Meltdown

    [melt-doun] /ˈmɛltˌdaʊn/ noun 1. the melting of a significant portion of a nuclear-reactor core due to inadequate cooling of the fuel elements, a condition that could lead to the escape of radiation. 2. a quickly developing breakdown or collapse: a bond-market meltdown; the meltdown of a marriage. 3. Informal. a sudden loss of control over […]

  • Meltemi

    /mɛlˈtɛmɪ/ noun 1. a northerly wind in the northeast Mediterranean; etesian wind

  • Melter

    [mel-ter] /ˈmɛl tər/ noun 1. a person or thing that . 2. a person in charge of a steelmaking furnace.

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