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a bone that develops from membranous tissue.
any bone that develops within membranous tissue, such as the clavicle and bones of the skull, without cartilage formation Compare cartilage bone

membrane bone n.
A bone developed within the membrane of a connective tissue.


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  • Membrane-coating granule

    membrane-coating granule n. See keratinosome.

  • Membrane expansion theory

    membrane expansion theory n. The theory that adsorption of anesthetics into membranes alters the membrane function to produce anesthesia.

  • Membrane potential

    membrane potential n. The potential inside a cell membrane measured relative to the fluid just outside; it is negative under resting conditions and becomes positive during an action potential.

  • Membrane transport

    noun 1. the process by which physiologically important substances, such as calcium ions, sugars, etc, are conveyed across a biological membrane

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