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[mem-bruh-nuh s] /ˈmɛm brə nəs/

consisting of, of the nature of, or resembling .
characterized by the formation of a .
/ˈmɛmbrənəs; mɛmˈbreɪnəs/
of or relating to a membrane

1590s, from Middle French membraneux (16c.), from membrane, from Latin membrana (see membrane).

membranous mem·bra·nous (měm’brə-nəs)



Read Also:

  • Membranous ampulla

    membranous ampulla n. A nearly spherical enlargement of one end of each of the three semicircular canals where they connect with the utricle.

  • Membranous cataract

    membranous cataract n. A secondary cataract composed of the remains of the thickened lenticular capsule and the largely degenerated lens.

  • Membranous dysmenorrhea

    membranous dysmenorrhea n. Dysmenorrhea accompanied by exfoliation of the menstrual deciduous membrane.

  • Membranous glomerulonephritis

    membranous glomerulonephritis n. Glomerulonephritis characterized histologically by diffuse thickening of glomerular capillary basement membranes and clinically by an insidious onset of the nephrotic syndrome and by failure of proteinuria to disappear. Also called lipoid nephrosis.

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