Memory location

A byte, word or other small unit of storage space in a computer’s main memory that is identified by its starting address (and size).

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  • Memory management

    memory management, storage A collection of techniques for providing sufficient memory to one or more processes in a computer system, especially when the system does not have enough memory to satisfy all processes’ requirements simultaneously. Techniques include swapping, paging and virtual memory. Memory management is usually performed mostly by a hardware memory management unit. (1995-01-23)

  • Memory management unit

    hardware, memory management (MMU, “Paged Memory Management Unit”, PMMU) A hardware device or circuit that supports virtual memory and paging by translating virtual addresses into physical addresses. The virtual address space (the range of addresses used by the processor) is divided into pages, whose size is 2^N, usually a few kilobytes. The bottom N bits […]

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    noun 1. a technique whereby computer peripherals may be addressed as though they formed part of the main memory of the computer

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