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[mi-nin-jeez] /mɪˈnɪn dʒiz/

plural noun, singular meninx
[mee-ningks] /ˈmi nɪŋks/ (Show IPA). Anatomy.
the three membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.
Compare (def 6), , .
plural noun (sing) meninx (ˈmiːnɪŋks)
the three membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord See dura mater, arachnoid, pia mater

plural, 1610s, “the three membranes enveloping the brain and spinal cord,” from Middle French meninges (1530s) or directly from medical Latin, plural of meninx, from Greek meninx (see meningitis).

meninx me·ninx (mē’nĭngks)
n. pl. me·nin·ges (mə-nĭn’jēz)
A membrane, especially one of the three membranes enclosing the brain and spinal cord.
The three membranes that enclose the vertebrate brain and spinal cord: the pia mater, arachnoid, and dura mater.
meninges [(muh-nin-jeez)]

The membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord.


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