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[men-stroo-uh s, -struh s] /ˈmɛn stru əs, -strəs/

pertaining to menstruation.

1530s, from French menstrueus, from Latin *menstruosus, from menstruum, from menstruus (adj.) “monthly,” from mensis “month” (see moon (n.)).


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  • Menstruum

    [men-stroo-uh m, -struh m] /ˈmɛn stru əm, -strəm/ noun, plural menstruums, menstrua [men-stroo-uh, -struh] /ˈmɛn stru ə, -strə/ (Show IPA) 1. a solvent. /ˈmɛnstrʊəm/ noun (obsolete) (pl) -struums, -strua (-strʊə) 1. a solvent, esp one used in the preparation of a drug 2. a solid formulation of a drug menstruum men·stru·um (měn’strōō-əm) n. pl. men·stru·ums […]

  • Mensurable

    [men-sher-uh-buh l, -ser-uh-] /ˈmɛn ʃər ə bəl, -sər ə-/ adjective 1. . /ˈmɛnsjʊrəbəl; -ʃə-/ adjective 1. a less common word for measurable adj. c.1600, from Late Latin mensurabilis “that which can be measured,” from mensurare “to measure” (see measure (v.)). Related: Mensurably; mensurability.

  • Meningeal vein

    meningeal vein n. Any of several veins that accompany the meningeal arteries, communicate with the sinuses of the dura mater and diploic veins, and drain into the regional veins outside the cranial vault.

  • Meningeal artery

    meningeal artery n.

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