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[men-shuh-rey-tiv, -suh-, -sher-uh-tiv, -ser-] /ˈmɛn ʃəˌreɪ tɪv, -sə-, -ʃər ə tɪv, -sər-/

adapted for or concerned with measuring.


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  • Mensuration

    [men-shuh-rey-shuh n, -suh-] /ˌmɛn ʃəˈreɪ ʃən, -sə-/ noun 1. the branch of geometry that deals with the measurement of length, area, or volume. 2. the act or process of measuring. /ˌmɛnʃəˈreɪʃən/ noun 1. the study of the measurement of geometric magnitudes such as length 2. the act or process of measuring; measurement n. “act of […]

  • Menswear

    [menz-wair] /ˈmɛnzˌwɛər/ noun 1. . 2. cloth, especially wool, used in making and often women’s tailored garments. /ˈmɛnzˌwɛə/ noun 1. clothing for men

  • Ment

    1. a suffix of nouns, often concrete, denoting an action or resulting state (abridgment; refreshment), a product (fragment), or means (ornament). suffix 1. indicating state, condition, or quality: enjoyment 2. indicating the result or product of an action: embankment 3. indicating process or action: management suffix forming nouns, originally from French and representing Latin -mentum, […]

  • Mental

    [men-tl] /ˈmɛn tl/ adjective 1. of or relating to the mind: mental powers; mental suffering. 2. of, relating to, or affected by a disorder of the mind: a mental patient; mental illness. 3. providing care for persons with disordered minds, emotions, etc.: a mental hospital. 4. performed by or existing in the mind: mental arithmetic; […]

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