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Mental deficiency

(psychiatry) a less common term for mental retardation

mental deficiency n.
See mental retardation.


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  • Mentalese

    [men-tl-eez, -ees] /ˌmɛn tlˈiz, -ˌis/ noun 1. the language of thought; thoughts represented in the mind without words, especially complex thoughts built from simpler ones.

  • Mental foramen

    mental foramen n. The front opening of the mandibular canal on the body of the mandible alongside and above the tubercle of the chin.

  • Mental handicap

    noun 1. a general or specific intellectual disability, resulting directly or indirectly from injury to the brain or from abnormal neurological development

  • Mental-healing

    noun 1. the healing of a physical ailment or disorder by mental concentration or suggestion. noun 1. the healing of a disorder by mental concentration or suggestion

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