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having a mental illness.
noun, (used with a plural verb)
mentally ill persons collectively (usually preceded by the).


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  • Mental nerve

    mental nerve n. A branch of the inferior alveolar nerve arising in the mandibular canal and passing through the mental foramen to the chin and the lower lip.

  • Mental point

    mental point n. See pogonion.

  • Mental-reservation

    noun 1. an unexpressed doubt or qualification about a situation, person, etc. noun 1. a tacit withholding of full assent or an unexpressed qualification made when one is taking an oath, making a statement, etc

  • Mental-retardation

    noun 1. Usually Offensive. a developmental disorder characterized in varying degrees by a subnormal ability to learn, a substantially low IQ, and impaired social adjustment. noun 1. (psychiatry) the condition of having a low intelligence quotient (below 70) mental retardation n. Subnormal intellectual development or functioning that is the result of congenital causes, brain injury, […]

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