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verb (used with object)
to refer briefly to; name, specify, or speak of:
Don’t forget to mention her contribution to the project.
to cite formally for a meritorious act or achievement:
He was mentioned in dispatches from the war zone.
a direct or incidental reference; a mentioning:
to make mention of a place.
formal recognition for a meritorious act or achievement:
Her entry in the science competition received a special mention.
not to mention, in addition to; without mentioning:
We were served a sumptuous entree, not to mention the other courses.
verb (transitive)
to refer to or speak about briefly or incidentally
to acknowledge or honour
not to mention something, to say nothing of something too obvious to mention
a recognition or acknowledgment
a slight reference or allusion: he only got a mention in the article, the author makes no mention of that
the act of mentioning
(philosophy, logic, linguistics) the occurrence (of an expression) in such a context that it is itself referred to rather than performing its own linguistic function. In “Fido” names Fido, the word Fido is first mentioned and then used to refer to the dog Compare use (sense 18) See also formal mode
(mainly Austral & NZ) a preliminary hearing in a court of law

not to mention
you’re welcome (don’t mention it)


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