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[muh-proh-buh-meyt, mep-roh-bam-eyt] /məˈproʊ bəˌmeɪt, ˌmɛp roʊˈbæm eɪt/

noun, Pharmacology.
a white powder, C 9 H 1 8 N 2 O 4 , used in medicine chiefly as a tranquilizer for treating anxiety, tension, and skeletal muscle spasm.
/məˈprəʊbəˌmeɪt; ˌmɛprəʊˈbæmeɪt/
a white bitter powder used as a hypnotic. Formula: C9H18N2O4

meprobamate mep·ro·bam·ate (měp’rō-bām’āt’, mě-prō’bə-)
A bitter white powder used as a tranquilizer, a muscle relaxant, and an anticonvulsant.


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