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(Mercurius) died a.d. 535, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 533–535.
called the Good. 1319–64, king of France (1350–64): captured by the English at Poitiers (1356) and forced to sign treaties (1360) surrendering SW France to England
called the Perfect. 1455–95, king of Portugal (1481–95): sponsored Portuguese expansion in the New World and reduced the power of the aristocracy
surnamed Casimir Vasa. 1609–72, king of Poland (1648–68), who lost much territory to neighbouring countries: abdicated

the Hermes (i.e., “the speaker”) of the Greeks (Acts 14:12), a heathen God represented as the constant attendant of Jupiter, and the god of eloquence. The inhabitants of Lystra took Paul for this god because he was the “chief speaker.”


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