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  • Merde

    [merd; English maird] /mɛrd; English mɛərd/ French. noun 1. . interjection 2. (used as an expletive to express anger, annoyance, disgust, etc.) interjection crap!, shit!; an expression of annoyance, disgust, or exasperation Word Origin French Usage Note slang n. also merd, “dung,” late 15c., from French merde “feces, excrement, dirt” (13c.), from Latin merda “dung, […]

  • Merdivorous

    [mer-div-er-uh s] /mərˈdɪv ər əs/ adjective 1. .

  • Mere

    [meer] /mɪər/ adjective, superlative merest. 1. being nothing more nor better than: a mere pittance; He is still a mere child. 2. Obsolete. [meer] /mɪər/ noun 1. Chiefly British Dialect. a lake or pond. 2. Obsolete. any body of sea water. [meer] /mɪər/ noun, British Dialect. 1. a boundary or boundary marker. [mer; English mair] […]

  • Mered

    rebellion, one of the sons of Ezra, of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 4:17).

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