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[muh-reng-gey] /məˈrɛŋ geɪ/

a ballroom dance of Dominican and Haitian origin, characterized by a stiff-legged, limping step.
the music for this dance.
verb (used without object), merengued, merenguing.
to dance the merengue.
a type of lively dance music originating in the Dominican Republic, which combines African and Spanish elements
a Caribbean dance in duple time with syncopated rhythm performed to such music

popular dance, 1936, from Dominican Creole méringue, from French méringue (see meringue).

The Spanish word for this style of dance and music, merengue, literally means “meringue (the sweet dessert)” — although it is unclear exactly how the dance might have come to be called “The Meringue.” [“Spanish Word Histories and Mysteries,” American Heritage Dictionaries, 2007]


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