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Merocrine gland

merocrine gland n.
A gland whose secretory cells produce a secretion but are not destroyed or damaged during the process.


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  • Merocrine

    /ˈmɛrəˌkraɪn; -krɪn/ adjective 1. (of the secretion of glands) characterized by formation of the product without undergoing disintegration Compare holocrine, apocrine merocrine mer·o·crine (měr’ə-krĭn, -krīn’, -krēn’) adj. Of or relating to a gland whose secretory cells remain undamaged during secretion.

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    [mee-seemz] /miˈsimz/ verb (impersonal);, past meseemed. Archaic. 1. it seems to me. /mɪˈsiːmz/ verb (past) meseemed 1. (transitive; takes a clause as object) (archaic) it seems to me late 14c., me semeth, from me (pron.) + seem (v.).

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