Merry men

plural noun
(facetious) a person’s assistants or followers

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  • Merry-mount

    noun, American History. 1. a settlement in Mt. Wollaston (Quincy), Mass., c1625–28, noted for its rejection of Puritan standards of behavior.

  • Merrys

    [mer-ee] /ˈmɛr i/ noun 1. a female given name. /ˈmɛrɪ/ adjective -rier, -riest 1. cheerful; jolly 2. very funny; hilarious 3. (Brit, informal) slightly drunk 4. (archaic) delightful 5. make merry, to revel; be festive 6. (informal) play merry hell with, to disturb greatly; disrupt adj. Old English myrge “pleasing, agreeable, pleasant, sweet; pleasantly, melodiously,” […]

  • Merrythought

    [mer-ee-thawt] /ˈmɛr iˌθɔt/ noun, Chiefly British. 1. the wishbone or furcula of a fowl. /ˈmɛrɪˌθɔːt/ noun 1. (Brit) a less common word for wishbone n. “wishbone,” c.1600, from merry (adj.) + thought. Also cf. wishbone.

  • Merry-widow

    noun 1. a woman’s undergarment consisting of a strapless brassiere and short corset with attached garters. 1907, from the English title of Franz Lehar’s operetta “Die Lustige Witwe” (1905). “The Lusty Widow” would have been more etymological (see lust (n.)), but would have given the wrong impression in English. Meaning “a type of wide-brimmed hat” […]

  • Merry-wives-of-windsor

    noun 1. a comedy (1598–1602?) by Shakespeare.

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