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[mey-suh] /ˈmeɪ sə/

a land formation, less extensive than a plateau, having steep walls and a relatively flat top and common in arid and semiarid parts of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.
[mey-suh] /ˈmeɪ sə/
a city in central Arizona, near Phoenix.
[lah mey-suh] /lɑ ˈmeɪ sə/
a city in SW California.
a flat tableland with steep edges, common in the southwestern US

“high table land,” 1759, from Spanish mesa “plateau,” literally “table,” from Latin mensa “table” (source of Rumanian masa, Old French moise “table”).
An area of high land with a flat top and two or more steep, clifflike sides. Mesas are larger than buttes and smaller than plateaus, and are common in the southwest United States.

Xerox PARC, 1977. System and application programming for proprietary hardware: Alto, Dolphin, Dorado and Dandelion. Pascal-like syntax, ALGOL68-like semantics. An early version was weakly typed. Mesa’s modules with separately compilable definition and implementation parts directly led to Wirth’s design for Modula. Threads, coroutines (fork/join), exceptions, and monitors. Type checking may be disabled. Mesa was used internally by Xerox to develop ViewPoint, the Xerox Star, MDE, and the controller of a high-end copier. It was released to a few universitites in 1985. Succeeded by Cedar.
[“Mesa Language Manual”, J.G. Mitchell et al, Xerox PARC, CSL-79-3 (Apr 1979)].
[“Early Experience with Mesa”, Geschke et al, CACM 20(8):540-552 (Aug 1977)].
microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration


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